Erica Durance Short Bio and Questions

Erica Durance is a well-known Canadian actress. She was born in Calgary on June 21, 1978. She grew up on a turkey farm in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada along with her two siblings. Since childhood, she learned classical signing, but in 1999, she moved to Vancouver to pursue professional acting.

She married Wesley Parker in 1996 but went through a divorce in 1999. In 2005, she married David Palffy who was also her coach in Yaletown Actors Studio.

Her acting career started with background work. She later moved on to commercials and then to guest-starring roles. She debuted in a feature film named ‘The Untold’ in 2002. She also worked as a guest star in The Chris Isaak Show (a comedy series), and The Collector (a supernatural series).

For the television series Smallville, Durance booked photo doubles and an agent for background actors. She was seriously considering quitting her acting career, but she was cast in Smallville as Lois Lane in 2004. That helped her acting career to take off, and she went on to act in several films, television series, and television films.

Film Appearances:

2002The UntoldTara Knowles
2003House of the DeadJohanna
2004The BridgeAmy
2006The Butterfly Effect 2Julie Miller
2010Sophie and ShebaNatalia
2012Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar MovieParis Waitress

Television Appearances:

2001The Lone GunmenDancer
2003Devil WindsKara Jensen
2003111 Gramercy ParkMaddy O’Donnell
2004The Chris Isaak ShowAshley
2004Tru CallingAngela Todd
2004Stargate SG-1Krista James
2004The CollectorRachel Slate
2004-2011SmallvilleLois Lane
2006Island Heat: StrandedCarina
2007I Me WedIsabelle Darden
2009The BuildingJules Wilde
2009Final verdictMegan Washington
2009Beyond Sherwood ForestMaid Marian
2011Charlie’s AngelsSamantha Masters
2012Harry’s LawAnnie Bilson
20126 passi nel gialloAngela/Christine
2012-2017Saving HopeDr. Alex Reid
2014Wedding Planner MysteryCarnegie Kincaid
2017-2019SupergirlAlura Zor-El Agent Noel Neill
2019BatwomanLois Lane
2019The Christmas ChaletGrace
2019Christmas StarsLayla
2020Private EyesLauren Campbell
2021The Enchanted Christmas CakeGwen
2021Open By ChristmasSimone
2022North to HomeHannan
2022Girl in the Shed: The Kidnapping of Abby HernandezZenya

Erica Durance FAQ

What is actress Erica Durance doing now?

In 2022, Erica Durance played the role of Zenya in the television film Girl in the Shed: The Kidnapping of Abby Hernandez. She played the character of Abby’s mother. The film is based on the true event of the abduction of a 14-year-old girl and how she survived against all odds.

Who is Erica Durance in Supergirl?

In Supergirl, she played the role of Alura Zor-El. This role was initially played by Laura Benanti, by Durance later replaced her.

When did Erica Durance join Smallville?

She joined Smallville in 2004 in Season 4 as a guest star.

When did Erica Durance become a regular on Smallville?

She played the role of Lois Lane as a guest star in Smallville in Season 4. However, she became a regular in Season 5 and continued playing the role for seven more seasons until the series came to an end in 2011.

What episodes of Smallville is Erica Durance in?

Per season she appeared in 13 episodes. In Season 7, however, she appeared only in 12 episodes because of the Writers’ Strike. In Season 8, too, she appeared in only 12 episodes. In Season 9, she appeared in 18 episodes. She was in 22 episodes in Season 10.

Where is Erica Durance from?

She was born in Calgary, Canada. She grew up in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada on a turkey farm along with her elder sister and brother.

Is Erica Durance still acting?

Yes, she is still acting. In 2022, she played the role of Abby’s mother Zenya in the television film titled Girl in the Shed: The Kidnapping of Abby Hernandez.

Who is Erica Durance married to?

She is currently married to David Palffy. She married him in 2005. Wesley Parker was her first spouse. She married Parked in 1996 and was divorced in 1999.

When was Erica Durance born?

Erica Durance was born on June 21, 1978. She is now 43 years old. She will turn 44 on June 21, 2022.

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