Welcome to Durance Magazine. This website was initially started by a fan of Erica Durance back in 2011. The website lasted for 4 years and went into oblivion in 2013-2014. Since then, the content of the domain remained archived in Wayback Machine. We recently had a chance of reviving the domain as it went on sale. So, we thought of bringing the good old fansite back into the business.

However, considering that the entertainment industry is not limited to just a single person, we have decided to improve on it and include something different. Of course, we have salvaged some of the old posts from the Wayback Machine, but we do not guarantee that the posts are in order or are assigned their old categories. We also do not guarantee that we have collected all the old posts. And yes, we couldn’t salvage any image either. It is virtually impossible considering that the Wayback Machine doesn’t archive everything. If you want to read the old posts, feel free to browse the category named “Old Archives” you will find at the footer of this website.

In its current avatar, Durance Magazine brings something unique to the table. You can read small biographies of the world’s most famous celebrities. You learn about new upcoming movies and TV series, and yes, we have a segment for anime fans, too. We will occasionally add trailers, too! Bring news about celebrities, and so on. Stay tuned and enjoy!