Kevin Williamson Says He Won’t Be A Part of ‘Scream 5′

Kevin Williamson is an incredibly busy man. Between helping out Julie Plec on The Vampire Diaries, which he help co-adapt and currently stands as EP, he’s also showrunner for The CW’s other supernatural teenage drama The Secret Circle. On top of all of that, he’s also developing a completely original series that casts serial killers in the spotlight for FOX, which Kevin Bacon is scheduled to headline. So, with rumors swirling about Scream 5 trying to find it’s footing, here we are one year after the fourth film’s release, a movie that Williamson was very much a part of. However, it seems Williamson won’t be returning to the series again just yet.

Assignment X (via STYD) interviewed Williamson, and asked if he could say anything about Scream 5: Generations, who’s subtitle certainly seems to be plucked out of nowhere. He replied, ”I don’t know. I’m not doing it.”

It’s not a huge update, but still an update none the less. Wes Craven said that after Scream 4, he was going to take quite some time off and then tackle the possibility of a fifth film, which The Weinstein Company reportedly wants as much as the fans do. Rumors still persist that Craven will do a 3D third film for The Ring, but those simply remain rumors as of right now. He is, however, signed on to adapt the novel Fangland to the big screen, but the stability of that project has also been thrown into question.

Interestingly enough, however, Williamson did outline a fifth and sixth Scream film when he wrote the fourth, so he could still get a story credit should the studio base their script off his idea. The writer previously said that a fifth film would continue the lives of the characters who lived after the events of Scream 4, and hinted that one member of the core trio could possibly die in this new trilogy of the series.

You know what else is interesting? Reports have said last year that Williamson was contractually obligated for a fifth film. So, Williamson could very much return to the franchise when the studio wants him to, or when he frees up some time from his television projects, if the contract is still in place. Or, the studio could have easily let him go from his contract due to lower-than-expected box office returns for Scream 4.

All we truly know is that Ghostface won’t be slashing again anytime soon.

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