Amy Acker to Guest Star on ‘Grimm’

Upon news today that Grimm has been picked up for two more additional episodes, this is the kind of casting that deserves some applause. The typical formula for the series so far is that there is a different fairy tale-like creature that Nick (David Giuntoli) will encounter. Though that somewhat went out the window last week, it seems the same will be said for an upcoming guest appearance by Amy Acker (AngelDollhouse).

TVLine has reported that Acker will be playing a Black Widow, someone who appears to be your normal everyday housewife, but suffers from advanced aging disorder. Every five years, her character has to suck the life out of three men in three days in order to continue her youthful exterior.

Obviously, the murder of one of those men will be a signal to the cops, leading Nick and his partner on a goose chase to catch Acker’s character, with Nick’s powers as a Grimm to come in handy.

No word on a specific date for Acker’s episode, but it will hit sometime early 2012.

Grimm airs Fridays at 9PM, only on NBC.

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