ABC Benches ‘Cougar Town’, Cuts Episode Order

Community and Cougar Town have shared quite a few things in the past year. Danny Pudi cameoed in the background in one episode of Cougar Town, while Busy Phillips and Dan Byrd cameoed in CommunityCommunity has acknowledged the other series as a favorite of Abed, and now they share a similar fate this mid-season: they’re both benched.

Yes, ABC has said that Cougar Town won’t have an official mid-season spot. But, the network has said the series will premiere its third seasons “sometime this spring”. Essentially, that’s the same response Community fans got when NBC announced that series’ late premiere as well.

To add to the disheartening news, ABC has also cut the episode order of Cougar Town as well. The third season will only see a year of 15 episodes. Cougar Town will follow Last Man Standing in March, Tuesdays at 8:30 PM.

With ABC, basically all their programming remains the same, with a few reality shows thrown into the mix.

Pan Am is set to be replaced in March, meaning its chances of becoming a full season is unlikely, and its chances of being picked up for a second season remain slim. Work It will replaceMan Up in January, Winter Wipeout from January to March where Ashley Judd’s new drama Missing will take over Thursdays at 8, and Dancing with The Stars starts back up on March 19th.

When exactly a time will be given to Cougar Town remains unknown, and we’ll update you with those details when they become available.

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