Ms. Dawn’s SoapDish – November 16th Edition

Greetings, Soapsters!

Another edition of Ms. Dawn’s SoapDish is upon us. Today, let’s dish One Life to Live and Prospect Park happenings. The venerable soap, One Life to Live, has been around for more than four decades and is scheduled to leave the airwaves on January 13, 2012. You’ve all heard about Prospect Park’s possible plans to continue with a web version of fan favorites All My Children and One Life to Live. It seems as if although the One Life to Live deal is going strong with several key veterans of the show inking deals, All My Children has been put on hold…indefinitely. My insider sources tell me that Prospect Park has had a difficult time signing Susan Lucci. There are also fears that Prospect Park does not have the capital to produce both shows.

Let’s hope all contract and financing issues are resolved soon to allow these two beloved shows to continue, albeit in a different venue.

Now onto the show:

One Life to Live has been firing on all cylinders for me lately. From the “Who’s the Daddy” storyline with its’ crazed Brody, torn Natalie, and brooding John triangle, to Todd’s return to Llanview and recent reveal as the killer of Victor Lord, Jr. (Todd’s long lost brother, who had stolen Todd’s identity for eight years!) has been involving and sometimes, downright hilarious!

For instance, teenage Jack Manning, who has such issues with his biological dad, Todd, that he is determined to bring Todd to justice for the murder of Victor Lord, Jr., (the imposter father that Jack loves). Jack’s latest nefarious scheme involves burning down the Sun. Did anyone ever tell this boy NOT to play with matches? From locking Gigi in and leaving her to die of carbon monoxide poisoning, to being a firebug, Jack is a worthy successor to Todd. Jack truly exhibits his father’s genetic influence to a T.

Blair, has been fighting her attraction to Todd since his return from the dead, while at the same time, unable to forget their passionate history together. Blair and Todd have such a rich past together. It encompasses marriage, divorce, children, kidnapping, abandonment, reunions, and a dramatic return from the dead. For Blair and Todd, the course of true love never ran smoothly. Not feeling the Tomas character that is a rival for Blair’s affections. I feel no heat between Blair and Tomas. *shrugs* What do you think about the Todd/Blair/Tomas triangle?

Over the top acting at its best, folks!

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