10 Reasons to Watch ABC’s ‘Once Upon a Time’

If you aren’t watching ABC’s Once Upon a Time yet, you’re missing out. That’s right; we’re telling you to stop everything you’re doing on Sunday nights at 8/7c, and watch ABC. We don’t care if you have homework, or if you’ve got a date with your computer, take an hour to watch. Not only does Once Upon a Time give the regular old fairytale’s an update, it adds a lot of mystery. If you’re wondering why you should be watching, here are our reasons:

1. Snow White is a Badass

Out with the old and in with the new. Snow White is no longer the timid and meek princess we’ve all grown to know. Instead, Snow, played by Ginnifer Goodwin, gives this outdated princess the kick in the butt she needed all those years ago. Snow is a strong woman and a fighter, yet she isn’t afraid to love. Did we mention she has secrets? We can’t wait to find out what they are.

2. Prince Charming Has a Name

Prince Charming’s name is….James? Just like Snow White, we prefer to call him Charming. But this new take on Snow Whites man, leaves us all wanting more. Supporting the unusual color of black during most of scenes, Charming is not your average Disney prince. In the real world he’s a coma patient that just woke up with no memory and a wife who shows up out of the blue…and she isn’t Snow White.

3. Unknown Fairytale Characters or in Other Words — Sheriff Sexy

We’re guessing he’s the Evil Queen’s Henchman in the fairytale world, but in reality, his name is Sheriff Graham and he can arrest us anytime he wants. Played by ex-underwear model Jamie Dornan, his sizzling chemistry with heroine, Emma Swan is only the beginning of this little known character.

4. Rumpelstiltskin is His Name, Rumpelstiltskin is His Game

Though many people aren’t familiar with the tale of Rumpelstiltskin, they will be now. In reality, Rumple a.k.a. Mr. Gold, owns the town of Storybrooke, and from what we can tell, people are afraid of him – as they should me. In the fairytale world, he is just as conniving and makes a deal with the Evil Queen in his favor. His fantastic chemistry with the Evil Queen also known as the Mayor of Storybrooke, only fuels his amazing onscreen presence.

5. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall….

Definitely not the fairest of them all, this Evil Queen takes the cake and then some. Adding a lot more flair, and we have to admit, sex appeal, this new Queen is a heck of a lot more tormented than the ones we saw as children. Determined to make Snow White and Charming’s life a living hell, she’ll stop at nothing — including the murder of her own father — to start the evil curse that brought these make-believe characters to the real world.

6. Emma Swan — Not to be confused with Bella Swan

Emma Swan — we know, the name Swan is overused — but don’t let that fool you, she is nothing like any Swan you’ve ever read or watched. This girl is all kickass, wrapped up in a shroud of unanswered questions. With a lot of pressure on her shoulders from her son Henry – who she gave up for adoption as a baby – as well as the town of Storybrooke, Emma must work hard to keep clear of Henry’s mother (the Evil Queen) and figure out what is really going on in this small town.

7. The Believer – Henry

This kid is annoying and funny, yet incredibly cute all at the same time. His intense belief in the people of Storybrooke, allows us to bring ourselves back to the innocence of childhood and what a fairytale could make us believe. With a mother that’s the equivalent of an evil step-parent from your nightmares, no wonder this kid has issues. Keep making them believe, Henry!

8. Perfection in Costuming

The fantastic costuming already deserves an Emmy in our minds. Providing our eye-candy with eye-candy, the characters not only look good in the real world, but even more fantastic in fairytale world. Each week with new princesses, witches and princes, we get to see our favorite stories come to life in these elaborate dresses, suites and more.

9. Compelling Plots

Created by ‘Lost’ writers Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, Once Upon a Time is never short of ambiguity or drama. For the past three weeks, they’ve been reeling fans in with their new take on all our beloved fairytale characters, making them more kick-ass, and dare we say, more twisted?

10. Storybrooke, Maine vs. Happily Ever After

What makes Once Upon a Time interesting, is the fact that we’re brought into two worlds consistently every week. With the parallel worlds running together to make a cohesive story, each episode introduces a new character as who they were in the fairytale world, and who they became when transferred into the real world.

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